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Home Inspection Somerset NJ 08873

Home Inspector Somerset NJ 08873
Abandoned Oil Tank Search/Sweeps in NJ
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Somerset County NJ

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G. Warren Home Inspection Service Areas

Middlesex County - All towns in Middlesex County
Union County - All towns in Union County

Somerset County - All towns in Somerset County
Essex County - All towns in Essex County
Hunterdon county - Most towns in Hunterdon County
Monmouth County - Most towns in Monmouth County
Morris County - Most towns in Morris County
Bergen County - Most towns in Bergen County
Hudson County - Most towns in Hudson County

What's Included in a Home Inspection
EXTERIOR - grounds, sidewalks, driveway, foundation, siding, porches, decks, roof covering and condition, chimney, gutters, skylights, patios, vegetation too close to the house.

GARAGES - All garages will be inspected both on the exterior and interior. Also inspected the structure, all vehicle garage doors, other doors will be inspected for function and fire safety. The garage electrical system and outlets, walls, ceiling and attic will be inspected. To sum up, the complete garage will be inspected.

INTERIOR OF HOUSE - All rooms which included floors, walls, ceiling, trim work, stairs, windows, doors, lights, electrical outlets, all bathrooms and water fixtures, fireplaces, heat and a/c supply and returns.

KITCHEN - Structure, floor, walls ceiling, tile work, all cabinets, counter tops, drawers, stove, sink and sink plumbing, ventilation, all kitchen fixtures, electrical outlets, microwave, garbage disposal, the dishwasher will be run through a full cycle.

BATHROOMS - The bathroom will be inspected very carefully because water rots wood and the bathroom is where there is heavy water use. 
The bathroom inspection included, floor and tile work, walls and ceiling, toilet, sink, shower pan and tile work, bathtub and tile work around the tub, lights, water flow and pressure, cabinets and visible plumbing.

BASEMENT AND CRAWLSPACES - Structural, foundation floor, walls for cracks or damage, windows, main beams and floor joists, finished basements, water or moisture penetration, visible plumbing and visible electrical wiring.

PLUMBING - All visible plumbing lines will be inspected and given a water test when possible. Which means all bathroom and kitchen fixtures and laundry plumbing and drainage. Main water Line and shut off valve.  sump pumps will be inspected and tested when accessible and the type that can be tested by lifting the float.

HEATING and A/C SYSTEMS - The heating system will be run and tested for function and condition. This included the furnace function, filter and a heating supply in every room. The a/c system will be run and inspected
when possible, the a/c systems cannot be run in cold weather.

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM -  The Main Line coming into the house, the electrical panel and visible wiring, electrical outlets and light function.

ATTIC AREA - Structure, flooring, rafters, roof decking, ventilation, Insulation, chimney and areas around the chimney, Inspect for water and visible moisture penetration. Any windows or vents and bathroom fan vent discharge area when possible.

Home inspection Termite inspection
Radon testing
Mold testing
Pool Inspection

Chimney Level Two inspection
In Ground oil tank search

Septic inspection
Soil Testing for Contamination

How to restore an ugly Deck
  We had a deck that was really ugly because we didn't put any water sealer on this deck for four years. I was ready to buy a new deck when my wife said, before you spend thousands of dollars for a new deck why don't you try to restore the deck. Well I tried power wash to get the stains out of the wood to no avail. I tried Bleach and water mix to no avail. Then I discovered a great product called Greased-Lightning to remove stains and mold. The product worked great and within two days the wood finish looked great. I then applied a good water sealer and the deck looked brand new. Lesson learned, don't give up on an ugly deck, try Greased-Lightning first it could save you thousands of dollars. It may take a lot of work but to have an ugly deck look good is worth the time and effort spent reconditioning the deck.


Member of NACHI and NJ-ALPHI

Sun Room Inspection
This is a quick overview of a Sun room, inspection
an actual home inspection of a Sun room  would
take longer than a few minutes.
Demonstrator - Home Inspector Gerald Warren

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Home Inspection Somerset NJ 08873
Licensed Home Inspector  Somerset NJ 08873