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Home Inspection Middlesex, Union, Somerset, Essex , Hudson Counties
Home inspection Hunterdon, Monmouth, Morris, Bergan Counties
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G. Warren Home Inspection Service Areas
Middlesex County - All towns in Middlesex County
Union County - All towns in Union County
Somerset County - All towns in Somerset County
Essex County - All towns in Essex County
Hunterdon county - Most towns in Hunterdon County
Monmouth County - Most towns in Monmouth County
Morris County - Most towns in Morris County
Bergan County - Most towns in Bergan County
Hudson County - Most towns in Hudson County

Home inspection Termite inspection
Radon testing
Mold testing
Pool Inspection

Chimney Level Two inspection
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Septic inspection
Soil Testing for Contamination

What's Included in a Home Inspection
EXTERIOR - grounds, sidewalks, driveway, foundation, siding, porches, decks, roof covering and condition, chimney, gutters, skylights, patios, vegetation too close to the house. All areas will be inspected with a G Warren home inspection.

GARAGES - All garages will be inspected both on the exterior and interior. Also inspected the structure, all vehicle garage doors, other doors will be inspected for function and fire safety. The garage electrical system and outlets, walls, ceiling and attic will be inspected. To sum up, the complete garage will be inspected. If the garage is loaded with storage, we will recommend to protect the buyer that a full garage inspection be conducted after the storage is removed

INTERIOR OF HOUSE - All rooms which included floors, walls, ceiling, trim work, stairs, windows, doors, lights, electrical outlets, all bathrooms and water fixtures, fireplaces, heat and a/c supply and returns. All rooms will be inspected very carefully.

KITCHEN - Structure, floor, walls ceiling, tile work, all cabinets, counter tops, drawers, stove, sink and sink plumbing, ventilation, all kitchen fixtures, electrical outlets, microwave, garbage disposal, the dishwasher will be run through a full cycle. With a G Warren Inc. home inspection all appliances that are included in the sale will be tested, no extra charge.

BATHROOMS - The bathroom will be inspected very carefully because water rots wood and the bathroom is where there is heavy water use. 
The bathroom inspection included, floor and tile work, walls and ceiling, toilet, sink, shower pan and tile work, bathtub and tile work around the tub, lights, water flow and pressure, cabinets and visible plumbing. Water is the enemy, uncontrolled it will do damage and the bathrooms is where the water is in heavy use, therefore special attention will be paid to the water control and function when inspecting the bathrooms.

BASEMENT AND CRAWLSPACES - Structural, foundation floor, walls for cracks or damage, windows, main beams and floor joists, finished basements, water or moisture penetration, visible plumbing and visible electrical wiring. If there is one area that there could be problems it's in the crawl spaces, we will enter when possible and conduct a careful inspection.

PLUMBING - All visible plumbing lines will be inspected and given a water test when possible. Which means all bathroom and kitchen fixtures and laundry plumbing and drainage. Main water Line and shut off valve.  sump pumps will be inspected and tested when accessible and the type that can be tested by lifting the float.

HEATING and A/C SYSTEMS - The heating system will be run and tested for function and condition. This included the furnace function, filter and a heating supply in every room. The a/c system will be run and inspected
when possible, the a/c systems cannot be run in cold weather. If we cannot run the A/C unit because of the weather we will recommend in the report,  to obtain from the seller a one year home owner's warranty. With a warranty the buyer is protected and has recourse if the unit doesn't function in the hot weather.   

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM -  The Main Line coming into the house, the electrical panel and visible wiring, electrical outlets and light function.

In the older houses we will inspect to determine if the wiring has been up dated for safety

ATTIC AREA - Structure, flooring, rafters, roof decking, ventilation, Insulation, chimney and areas around the chimney, Inspect for water and visible moisture penetration. Any windows or vents and bathroom fan vent discharge area when possible.

Home buyer maintenance tips for the new owner
Clothes Dryer lint Maintenance Required for Fire Safety
The cloths dryer is one appliance that the lint maintenance can't be neglected. Many a home fire has started by a clothes dryer because of neglected lint cleaning. To maintain the dryer properly and minimize dryer problems, we suggest the following:
(1) Always pull out the handy lint filter that's located just inside the door and clean the lint off the filter. We suggest cleaning this filter every time the dryer is used.
(2) It appears that the major cause of dryer fires is lint build up in the vent line or lint inside the back of the dryer. We recommend once a year to have an appliance contractor come in and clean out the vent and the back section of the clothes dryer.
(3) If your handy and can do the job yourself, we suggest the following maintenance steps:
(a) Disconnect the vent line from the back of the dryer and with the house vacuum cleaner vacuum out any lint that may be packed or laying inside the back of the dryer section.
(b) Clean out the vent line using the house vacuum. If it's a very long vent line you may have to vacuum the line from both ends, inside the house and from the outside of the house.
(c) If you vacuumed the line from both ends and there is still lint in the line, there is an old trick you can use to clear the line of the remaining lint. Hook up a leaf blower to the inside the house section of the vent line and blow the remaining lint out of the line. Note, be careful not to have anyone standing by the exterior lint line discharge area when you blow out the remaining lint. 
(d) One more tip about clothes dryer vent lines, If you have an old style plastic vent line we recommend you up grade to the newer style metal lines. The metal lines are noted to be much more reliable and functional and safe when it comes to fire safety.  

Tree Limbs That Touch Roof
Tree limbs that touch the roof can cause a few serious problems, just to name a few
(a) Damage to the shingles  which could cause a roof leak. (b) Carpenter ants use limbs to access the house (c) A limb could break off in a storm and damage the roof.
(d) Limbs touching the roof is the highway for carpenter ants, they comes into the house by the use of tree limbs more so than climbing up the side of the house.
To sum up, trees planted close to the house that have limbs over hanging or rubbing the roof is an expensive repair that didn't happen yet.

Home Owner insurance Tip about dead trees, if there is a dead tree next to your property that could fall down and damage your house or property, write the owner of the property and inform him by certified letter of the dead tree that could possible damage your property if it falls and request that he remove the tree. Now if the tree falls and does damage to your property, his insurance company will pay the claim without too much hassle, the letter serviced notice that there was a dangerous situation and the tree did not fall by an act of god.

The main web site has over 130 Safety and maintenance tips for the new buyer. Main Web Site Link -  http://www.gwarreninc.com/


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Sliding Glass Door Inspection
This is a quick overview of a sliding glass door inspection.
The actual home inspection of a double-pane glass sliding door
would take longer than two minutes
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